Deploy your room service

Your room needs a publicly reachable endpoint for people to visit it. This could mean running your room as a traditional server on any old hosting service. But as we’re playing with cloud native applications and microservices, we should try deploying our service to a Cloud provider.

Find your public endpoint

To register your room, you will need the public WebSocket endpoint. You can find the WebSocket endpoint, a health check URL, and a primitive WebSocket protocol tester on the application’s index page.

Your service URL will vary depending on where you have deployed your service, but it should look something like:

IBM Bluemix

  • Cloud Foundry application or Container group in IBM Container Service:

    • US South: http://<cf-app-name>

    • United Kingdom: http://<cf-app-name>

  • Single container instance in IBM Container Service

    • http://<ip address>:9080/


  • http://<noun-noun-number>

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