Deploying to IBM Bluemix as Cloud Foundry application

Prerequisites for Bluemix deployment

Some notes about your Bluemix account

After you’ve logged into Bluemix on the web, your active region, organization, and space are shown in the top right-hand corner. You’ll need these three values in the following steps.


See the Bluemix documentation for more information on Bluemix organizations and spaces.

Log in using the cf command

Login to Bluemix via the command line:

cf login
  • Enter Bluemix API endpoint (for your region):

    • US South:

    • London:

  • Enter email and password for Bluemix login

    • If logging in with a federated ID (if you don’t know what this means, you aren’t), use the -sso option with a one-time use password

  • Choose a Bluemix organization by number

  • Choose a Bluemix space by number

Deploy your application

  1. cf push <cf-app-name> -p <app archive>

    • Choose a unique app name. This will be used as the first part of the URL, e.g. cf-app-name becomes

    • For sample-room-java, the app archive is target/

    • See: Deploying applications by using the cf command

  2. After your room has been pushed, you should be able to view it at:

    • US South: http://<cf-app-name>

    • United Kingdom: http://<cf-app-name>

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